Author: Harmeet Gabha

Let’s Edit a Photo – Editing in Luminar – LEAP 02

This is the second episode of the LEAP show, a show in which I will show you a complete editing process of a photo I’ve taken. I will take an image from my trip to Barcelona and show you how to edit in Luminar. I will load the Raw image and start with basic editing in Luminar and then move into more creative editing in Luminar. Luminar is a editing software by Macphun Software which is available for Mac only. You can also download the RAW/DNG file via the link below. LEAP02 DNG (0 downloads) Create your own version...

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How to shoot Wide Angle Images without Wide Angle Lens?

Wide Angle lens is great for capturing large scenes in a single image. However, what do you do in a situation where you find yourself without a wide angle lens and want to capture a larger scene. The solution is quite simple actually, but requires some post processing. Shoot multiple images of the scene to stitch/join together later in Lightroom and Photoshop. I will cover two ways how I achieve this when I don’t have a wide angle lens. Most of my images are taken at 18mm or 24mm lens on a Crop Sensor camera which equates to 27mm or...

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How to make the Grass Greener in Lightroom

You have come to right place looking for a way to make the grass greener using Lightroom. The truth is that it only take one slider to make the grass greener. And its not the Saturation slider. Firstly we look at why the grass isn’t as green. This is amplified if you like creating HDR images and the grass becomes neon green. So let me break it down for you why the grass doesn’t look very green sometimes when we take picture. The problem is the SUN. Yes, that’s right the sun emits yellow light as we know. The grass...

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Fastest Way To Import Images into Adobe Lightroom (3-Steps)

If you’ve been using Adobe Lightroom for quite some time you are aware how slow it can be at importing the images. And ‘No’, having the fastest computer you can’t afford will not make it any better. Why because Lightroom Import process is just slow and Adobe hasn’t done anything to improve this process. When you start the import from your camera and memory card, you setup the import and just walk away for 30mins to an hour (or hours) depending upon how big the card is you are importing from. Its just the way Lightroom is. So I’ve...

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Complete Lightroom Preset Bundle

Complete Lightroom Preset Bundle

Ultimate HDR Preset Pack for Lightroom

Utimate HDR Pack for Lightroom

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