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In my last giveaway of the Complete Lightroom Preset bundle, I had posed a question to the entrants. I had asked what they’d like to learn about Lightroom. Akash had asked about learning how to use the Selective Adjustment options in Lightroom.

So in a two part series, I will share the two main tools that I use most often in Lightroom for selective adjustment: Gradient Filter and Radial Filter.

In this video, I demonstrate how you can use the Gradient Filter in 4 different ways:

  1. Simple Gradient Filter: with the applied adjustment across the entire gradient
  2. Enhanced Gradient Filter: where we can use pull push technique to adjust the image
  3. Gradient Filter with Luminosity Mask: where we can apply the desired adjustment to only certain light or dark elements of and image, therefore being very selective where the effect applies
  4. Gradient Filter with Color Mask: where we apply the desired adjustment to only selected colour range of the image.

With these adjustments you can selectively adjust how the Gradient Filter applies and only impacts certain parts of the gradient/image.

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