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What is Vignette or Vignetting?

Vignette is the effect caused by the Lens and its outer edges which will become darker. This is typically considered a bad thing ie. effect or distortion so most photo editing software
will try to correct it based on the Lens Profile. In simpler terms, the software tries to learn which lens you used (usually from the photo’s metadata) and then correct this by fixing up the corners of the image.

The brightness is Consistent from Corner to Corner (No Vignetting)

The end result of this correction is that your photo will appear to be evenly lit from one corner to other. So why “Add a Vignette”??

Adding a Vignette

Adding a Vignette allows you to focus the attention of the viewer where you want. It draws there attention to where you want in the photo. There are several way to add the vignette in the photograph. Adobe Lightroom has a Effects panel in the Develop Module which allows you to add Vignette on your photos.

See below the result of having added the vignette, it draws your attention to the child in this photo and prevents the viewer from wondering off into the corners of the photo. Remember that our eyes are always drawn to the brightest point in a photograph.

Vignette Added using Lightroom

Do you add a Vignette? Do you like it or hate? Let us know your thoughts. At the end of the day it’s your creative decision.

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