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Skylum recently released an update to its Luminar 2018 editing software which uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to enhance the sky in any image that has sky (of course). It a FREE update that is available to all its current users who have Luminar 2018.

So I decided to put this new slider to a test.

Found a few images with different kinds of sky on my computer and loaded them up in Luminar 2018 to put this new feature to the test. To my surprise it works pretty well and its very clever in terms of detecting where the sky is and only enhancing it.

Try the slider on these sample images to see the difference of before and after. Now for the purpose of illustration, I pushed the slider all the way to maximum value but you don’t have to do that, just adjust it to the point where it doesn’t look overdone and is applied with restraint.

Here is another sample where I cranked up the slider all the way up.

The effect is like applying a Polariser Filter on the lens which enriches the photo and makes the blues deeper by cutting out any glare. With this slider the effect is selectively applied to the sky only. It is impressive how this filter detects the horizon and applies the effect to precisely the correct areas. It brings down the highlights and enriches the sky colours to make them pop.

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