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Harmeet Gabha

Harmeet Gabha

In this video I will compare the key differences in the results of the same image edited in Aurora HDR 2019 vs Aurora HDR 2018. To keep the comparison fair, I applied the same settings in both of the software.

One of the biggest improvements I can see is due to the Quantum HDR Engine the processing is much cleaner and the transition from bright areas to darker areas is very more pleasing. There is hardly any noise in the final HDR produced. Nor there is any kind of haloing around the edges.

The latest version also brings in the LUT support which was introduced in Luminar some time ago. 

When you crank up the HDR structure it doesn’t create any artefacts which was often an issue in the Aurora HDR 2018. 

You can get Aurora HDR 2019 on a pre-order until 4th October with a special offer that will save you some money.

Pre-Order Pricing:

  • Current users may upgrade at a price of $49 USD ($59 USD MSRP)

  • New users can purchase Aurora HDR 2019 at a price of $89 USD ($99 MSRP)

Pre-Order Bonuses:

  • Video Tutorial: Getting the Most from Aurora HDR 2019 by Trey Ratcliff

  • Landscape Photography Handbook by David Johnston

  • Burning Moods LUTs by Richard Harrington

  • Exclusive interior Aurora Looks by Richard Harrington

  • 3-month 500px Pro membership

  • $300 USD OFF a multi-day Iceland Photo Tours

Checkout the comparison below of the Aurora HDR 2018 (Before) and Aurora HDR 2019 (After)

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