Author: Harmeet Gabha

People with Camera’s is On Again for 2017

Once again this year, I am partnering with Fujifilm Australia to host the “People with Cameras” event.¬† People with Cameras has been designed for you to meet like-minded people in your city. No matter what camera or smart device you use, we encourage you to join us at 2:45pm in either Sydney or Melbourne. People with Cameras Sydney The Sydney event will be held on 29th October 2017 where we expect close to 300 people attending. Last year we had unprecedented turnout and there were some amazing prizes given away. You can register by following the link People...

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VLOG 04 – Hyde’s Mill Wisconsin

Continuing on from my last vlog about my trip to Wisconsin, this is the second but almost a mini vlog from Day 2. I took some time to research on the wide web what other locations where nearby where I could get some interesting shots. I came across many waterfalls or landscape spots but many were 4 hours away from Madison and I didn’t feel comfortable driving this far solo just in case I run into any trouble. I came across this old abandoned mill known as Hyde’s Mill which was about 40mins away from where I was. So...

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VLOG 03 – Photographing the Wisconsin State Capitol

On a recent trip to US, I decided to capture another VLOG of my trip and this time I was stepping up the game using the Canon 80D for all the filming. I had just purchased a wide angle lens with Image Stablisation, the Canon 10-18mm STM lens which would let me capture more stable videos. First thing though I claimed GST (Tax) refund on the lens as I left Australia. I talked about maximising your GST refund in a recent post. Once I arrived in Madison, Wisconsin after a 15hr delayed flight, missed my connection and waited for another...

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Maximising your GST refund when travelling Overseas

It’s not a secret that when travelling overseas you can claim GST from Australian Government for any items or invoices over $300 dollars. However, there are a few things misunderstood about who it applies to and how it works. In this post, I will hopefully clarify this for you with some examples from my life and help you maximise your GST refund when you travel overseas. The Myth People often think that this Scheme is for Tourists only!! As a resident and a citizen of Australia you can also claim GST on items you have purchased 60 days prior...

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Getting started with Editing Photos on Smartphone

Lot of people tell me wow you have some great photos, to which I often reply. Taking photos and making them beautiful requires some additional work. A lot of people will just use the basic tools available to them but not venture out into other photo editing Apps. For example, they will edit the photos using standard Instagram or Facebook filters before uploading their images to these platforms or sharing them with their friends. But it doesn’t take a lot of work to actually use dedicated Apps to create something amazing and beautiful. I am a big fan of Snapseed...

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