Author: Harmeet Gabha

Let’s Edit a Photo – How to Edit Light Trails (Multiple exposures) in Photoshop – LEAP 04

In this 4th Episode of the LEAP Show, I take you through a complete edit from start to finish. I will show you how I create a single image from multiple image of Light Trails shot in Auckland NZ. I location that I was scouting for some time but finally worked out which overpass this was from thanks to some Kiwi locals. In this week’s episode I you will learn how to edit light trail images and blend multiple exposures into single image. We will take a look at quick and easy way which takes less than 2mins and another...

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The best and cheapest Cloud Backup for Photographers – CrashPlan

Each and every one of us is taking photos and storing them on our computer or external drives. But how many of us are backing up those precious memories. Have you thought about what it would mean to you to lose all the photos and videos you have of your family? Well the solution is simple and its a VERY cost effective solution for any photographer. Its a Cloud backup solution from CrashPlan. Before you start reading further, this is not a sponsored post I pay for my own subscription to use this service. I have 4 family computers that...

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FiLMiC Pro – the best Smartphone App for Video

FiLMiC Pro is an awesome App that I’ve been using for a few months to shoot iPhone videos. It has lots of controls and features that make it standout from the rest. It is truly designed at the elite videographers who capture video with their Smartphones. A few days ago, I saw on my iPhone 7 Plus that the App has been updated. Any man….was that a much needed update.   Here is why I love it so much? You can lock Exposure, Focus and ISO You can record in full 4K at up to 100Mbps rate You can...

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Let’s Edit a Photo – How to Create HDR Look in Lightroom from Single Photo – LEAP 03

In this 3rd Episode of the LEAP Show, I take you through a complete edit from start to finish in Lightroom. I will show you how I create the HDR Look in my images using only a single exposure and no other 3rd party software. Its simply done using the Lightroom’s Develop module and nothing more. So even if you are using Lightroom version 4 or 5 you can apply this technique to create HDR look in Lightroom. You can download the RAW file (DNG) and the LR Preset using the link below. LEAP03 DNG & Preset (12 downloads)...

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