Author: Harmeet Gabha

Why I didn’t move to Panasonic G85 for Vlogging and YouTubing?

Let’s be honest, Panasonic is killing the Vlogging game. The smaller form factor and micro four-third sensor is really good. The built in five axis image stabilisation is to die for. Focusing But what fails me is the contrast based focus. There are a ton of arguments and YouTube video that shows you how to fine tune the camera to improve the focusing in the camera but for me focusing is key. When I’m recording a video it’s all about delivering the message to the audience and I need to focus on that rather than being distracted by the fact...

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Creating a Matte Cinematic Look using Lightroom

In this post, I will take you through a really cool post-processing technique that seems to be all the trend at the moment. It’s almost a cinematic look that gives your photo a very graceful, washed out and matted feel. Gives you this warm and fuzzy feeling that the photo has come out of a movie or has been sitting in grandma’s old photo box. In fact, this technique is often referred to as Colour Grading which is everywhere in Hollywood and Bollywood. You can also DOWNLOAD this effect as a Lightroom Preset which is available via the link below. Step...

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Can Blurry Photos Be Good?

Can Blurry Photos Be Good? 12 AUGUST, 2017 From the moment you decide, you want to get a camera, all you hear or read about is focus, focusing speed, sensor quality and sharpness. It seems that getting a ‘sharp and in focus’ image is the ultimate goal. Without this, we fail as a photographer. Is that really true? I wanted to take a moment to talk about my thoughts on ‘out of focus’ or ‘blurry’ photos and consider can they be good? Blur can be intentional and can be accidental. Blur introduced by moving objects in the Photograph Photo...

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AUTO ISO on Fujifilm X-Series Cameras – Good or Bad?

A little while ago I saw a discussion on the Fujifilm X Australia Photographers where a question was posted “Do you use Auto ISO and if so what are your setting?” by Joe Jongue. He is one of the Admins of the group and a pretty nice guy. I happened to meet him at the Fujifilm XT-2 Launch event in Sydney. This was a very interesting discussion which got me thinking and curious to what people were going to share. And that it would make for an interesting blog post to write about, small selfish interest. The kind of...

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Create Animated Photos with Plotagraph +

As much fun as it is to create photos, its, even more, fun creating animated photos!! You bring the photos to life!! Don’t you agree? What do you need? To create such animated images, you need to use Plotagraph + which is an online tool but now they have released iOS App for iPhone and iPad. In just one week of its release, this App has made it to TOP 50 on the iTunes Store and in Top 5 in Photo & Video category. What it lets you do is revolutionary!!  Check out this video tutorial where I show you...

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