Author: Harmeet Gabha

Reflecting back on 2011

A reflection on 2011 and a look at some of my favourite photos from the year taken in various locations such as Paris, Lyon, Punjab, Dubai and Sydney. All the photos range from different photography techniques such as Macros, Water droplets, smoke photography, lensbaby composer, HDR, light trails, super wide angles, silhouettes, motion trails, landscapes, fire/light painting and bokeh. Shot using Canon EOS 400D and 7D, Lensbaby Composer, 8-16mm F3.5 Sigma lens, 24-105mm F4 Canon Lens, 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 Canon Lens, 30mm F1.4 Sigma Lens, Kenko Extension tubes. Credit: Free Music from:...

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Shooting Perspective Matters

No matter what subject you are shooting, the perspective or the angle where you shoot from can take your photo from an ordinary photo to a masterpiece. When we find a beautiful scene and want to photograph it, the first instinct is to grab your camera and start shooting. However it often helps to shoot, pause, re-assess the scene and shoot from different angle or perspective. In this post I am going to discuss that exactly but with example to show you how an ordinary photo can become an extra-ordinary photo just by varying the angle you shoot from....

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Macro Photography on Flowers

Macro shots of some flowers using Kenko Extension tubes on a standard zoom lens. Extension tubes are great way to turn any lens to a macro lens, they are simply different size tubes which fit between the camera body and lens thereby extending the distance between the lens and your camera’s sensor. It’s really an inexpensive way to get into Macro photography. Various different sizes used individually or combined together allow you to get closer to the subject. When you want to shoot macro, you definitely need to use a tripod and remote trigger to get a tack sharp...

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