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Barcelona is a beautiful city of Catalonia (which is a separate community) within Spain. Although recently the people of Catalonia voted to split from Spain.

In 2015, I had the opportunity to visit this beautiful city twice, literally within 2 months of each other. But when you are surrounded by architectural beauty and magnificence it can be overwhelming.

You hear about writers, referring to something called writer’s block but I don’t think the concept is limited to writers only.

It can happen to photographers and creative people as well as a creative block. So how do you get your mojo back and enjoy what you are doing? Well this post is about that and how I overcame it.

Zoom in to Patterns

I had done the touristic thing and visited the main touristic attractions like the Sagrada Famila, La Casa Mila, Park Guell and Casa Batllo on the first trip so I wanted to capture a unique perspective of this city.

Wondering the streets with my camera Fujifilm X-T1 with my favourite Travel Lens XF 18-135mm I was feeling blocked.

After a beer or two, my mind started to relax I looked across the street and saw these beautifully designed balconies. I looked around more and found each design more unique than the next. None were the same!! Sometimes you just have to look up.

At that moment, I decided to just capture these beautiful works of architecture and walk around shooting Balconies of Barcelona.

Zoom in to Patterns

It was truly exciting to just focus on one theme and then run with it. I would find an interesting building and then stand and shoot it at various different angles to not only showcase its beauty but also get a nice composition.

To stretch myself out of my comfort zone, I notice some of the buildings were hotels and so I ventured in and saw if the lift would take me to the rooftop. I was lucky with one particular one so instead of shooting up looking at the balconies, I would be looking down to get a different perspective.


You can see some of these images below.

I have since then made a point about remembering that when I feel that I am blocked and the creative juices aren’t flowing to simply pick a theme and focus on that theme. This definitely helps you get back to being creative, having fun and capturing some beautiful images.

By the way in case you are wondering these images were all edited in Lightroom Classic using my preset “Grunge HDR Look”. You can download two of these presets for free.

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