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Seems that we have another social network in the works to add to our inadequacy of networks. is a new social network that is aimed at photographers to share and showcase their images and content with others. The network is still in Beta and is based on Invite Only sign ups. It was originally built by its founders as a private network to share images amongst them and then morphed into a public network that they are bringing online.

Ello has very clean and minimalistic interface which let’s your photos do the talking. After all a picture is worth a thousand words. Here you the profile page where you have nice big header image to start off your profile, below that you see your profile pic.

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Ello Beta - Profile page


As we scroll down, we see the friends we have on the network and a “Say Ello..” button that lets you post some text and/or image. The icons & buttons for posting are hard to find as they blend in to the interface and are very small with no text attached to them, so don’t be surprised if you struggle to figure out how to post. To be honest it took me 10 minutes to understand what they were about and how to use them.

The profile page then scrolls smoothly down with a parallax effect as the page showcases your posts.

Friends button takes to a feed of posts by all the people who you’ve friended. Noise just seems to show some random images and posts which might be popular on the network, however I have not yet figured out why as often this feed has random nonsense images.

Ello Beta - Your Posts

Friends feed looks great and showcases nicely the images without any distractions. Just take a look below.

Ello Beta - Frinds


The sites main attractions are minimalistic interface and no ads. They claim that its members like me and you are not products which is something that users are referred to as when talking about networks such as Facebook, Google+ etc. Although I wonder what the site founders have in their grand vision, if the site is not pushing ads to the users how is it going to make money and sustain itself? Are they going to sell our photos for a commission?

It still lacks lot of basic features, such as search. You can find people to friend using a search, you have to know their direct link. They

Let me know what you think. Do you ello? Leave your profile link in the comments below so I can add you as my friend.

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