Coogee Beach – DJI Phantom 3

Having taken this footage now 8 months ago using DJI Phantom 3, I finally got my head around using Final Cut Pro X and managed to edit this footage into a short clip. The footage was captured at this amazing beach on the New Years Day where the weather was perfect summers day. Coogee is a picturesque locations with these cliffs along the ocean that have these huge boulders at the base of them. I flew the drone mostly on this side but you do get a look at the beach and how busy it is.

Its quite interesting when you start to put the video together you realise how you actually need to think about the end result at the time of the capture. Which is much harder in case of video than a photo. Without it you struggle to put the clips together to makes something meaningful.

I hope I’ve achieved something reasonable with this video.

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