Nik Software now part of Google has just slashed the price on its entire set of plug-ins. The whole collection which was retailing for $499, is not available at 70% off for only $149 USD.

I’d been thinking and rethinking for awhile whether to invest the hefty $499 in this suite as it’s pricey for me (as a hobbyist photographer) but when I saw the tweet from Rick Sammon on Twitter about this great offer, I had to jump on it.

Purchased the Collection last night and installed it on my MBPR (that’s Mac speak for MacBook Pro Retina) . Now the fun begins of processing new and re-processing some of the old photos using these newly acquired plug-ins.

Rick Sammon on his blog has discount code (RSAMMON) which if you use you get a further 15% off the entire Nik Collection. There is no excuse for missing out.