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Facebook-ExperimentEarlier this week I decided to take a gamble and put some money in Facebook to Boost Post.

Over on my Facebook page for Gabha Photography, I created a post to share with my Audience the release of a new Lightroom preset pack called Travel Presets Pack for Lightroom.

Facebook was quick to encourage me to Boost Post to reach more Audience. Normally i resist it, but this time I gave in thinking well I will never know if I never try it out.


Facebook - Encourages to Boost Post

Facebook – Encourages to Boost Post (example post – not the actual one)

So I followed the steps to Boost Post for 5 days for a specified amount I felt comfortable gambling. I setup target audience ‘United States’ as most of my audience is there. I further specified to target audience which have Interests in ‘Photography’ and ‘Adobe Photoshop Lightroom’. That made sense as I am announcing release of a Lightroom preset pack.

Boost Post Targeting Audience

Boost Post Targeting Audience

Facebook was quick to take my money using PayPal so we let the process begin.

Based on the proportion of views my hit rate was 1.11%. Facebook indicated that there were:

– 1 link clicks
– 13 photo views
– 11 other clicks

Boost Post - Results

Boost Post – Results

What the hell are these other clicks? According to Facebook definition it says:

Clicks not on the content of the post such as page title clicks, or clicks to “see more”

I than decided to check Google Analytics to see it there was a sudden spike in the visitors and maybe the Facebook Insight isn’t telling me everything. To my surprise there was no change or spike to the site traffic.

I’ve had better click through results using Google+ in the past and there I’m not paying anybody to promote my post. I think in conclusion the Facebook Boost Post is a waste of money for entrepreneurs. I’ll stick to organic promotion of my post (average of 9.5% click rate) based on Likes, Shares and Comments.

Maybe Boost Post works better for large enterprises who will have millions of dollars budget for Social Media promotions.

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