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Aurora HDR Pro is finally out and having placed my pre-order I was keenly waiting for its release. Overnight its finally out and of course I had to install it right away on both iMac and the Mac Book Pro. So here is a first hand experience and look at this latest software by MacPhun and Trey Ratcliff.


Very easy and quick but as a Mac software you would expect that. Simply download the latest version from MacPhun, unzip the file and move it into your Applications folder. If you have a License key you can install it right away after you start it up or you can run it up in trial mode.


Lightroom and other software tools like Nik HDR Efex Pro, Perfect Photo Suite users will find it very easy to use and the layout is very conveniently designed and familiar for photographers.


I am really impressed with the speed of this software at which it processes. Even on my 2009 iMac Aurora HDR runs relatively faster than all other HDR softwares. A 3 image HDR of 18Megapixel RAW images took 10 seconds to process and you have a final result (tested on Mac Book Pro with SSD & 16GB RAM). The additional advantage of the software is that it let’s you use Layers so you can apply and tone image right there in Aurora HDR without having to use Photoshop at all.


Here are 3 images I have created using this brand spanking new software and have been very happy with the final result. I will be doing a more in depth comparison with previously processed HDR images and comparing them with Aurora HDR’s results.

Did you buy this new HDR software? What did you think? Let us know your thoughts.

Paris AuroraHDR

Paris AuroraHDR

Barcelona AuroraHDR

Barcelona AuroraHDR

La Conciergerie AuroraHDR

La Conciergerie AuroraHDR


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