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New Zealand, also now known as Middle Earth thanks to the “Lord of the Rings” brand. Flying over this magnificent land you always get some great views and so I’m always keeping my camera close by (under the seat in front). I’m not ashamed to say that I will use the camera even though the Cabin Crew ask “Electrical devices must now be switched off”. Really what is a Camera going to do to interfere with Airplane which is a much more complex machine, laptop or iPad maybe!!

Anyways, I was flying out of NZ this time and this time we were now allowed to use electronic devices, so I had the camera ready to go in case I spotted something. Therefore, when I saw this great mountain peeking through the clouds it was a “Paramount Studios” like scene.

South Island (best viewed large)

About the Photo

As you’d know the plane is moving very fast (anywhere between 800-950 Kms/hr) so you are going to have motion blur in your photos. Even though it might seem ok in the back of the screen of your camera still it will be fuzzy at 100% view.

So to avoid such result, you need to take the photo at fast shutter speed, I took this at 1/1250 of a second so its pretty fast to avoid any blur or fuzziness. Increase the ISO of the camera if the shutter speed is not fast enough.

Another tip would be to put the lens right up flat on the window of the plane. In case you need to tilt the camera left or right to get the correct composition, shield the lens from the exposed side by covering it up with one hand. This avoids any reflection from inside the plane showing up in your photo.

Some minor adjustments in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 after cropping it a cinematic size.

Exif Data

[exif id=”1157″]

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