Lightroom Training Course

Lightroom (Classic) is one of those tools that a photographer of any level must have in order to organise their photos, pick the best ones and then apply their unique creative touch to their photos.

A lot of my subscribers have indicated that they would love to learn Adobe Lightroom Classic to create better photos but they struggle to find all the information they need.

I’ve created this course which is a structured step-by-step introduction into Adobe Lightroom Classic so that anyone starting in photography can follow easily and feel comfortable using Lightroom.

Lesson 1 : Introduction to Lightroom

In this lesson we will cover some very basics of Lightroom Classic from setting up our Catalog, a walk-through of the Interface, Key areas where we will spend most of our time and navigating our way around Lightroom. Key shortcuts to know and learn in order to speed up your workflow.

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Lesson 2 : Importing Photos into Lightroom

In this lesson we will cover how to import photos into Lightroom Classic from your Memory Card and External Disk. What are the best settings for Importing your photos?

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Lesson 3 : Tagging, Picking and Rejecting

In this lesson we will discover how to sort, organise your imported photos and the important task of ‘culling’. We will also take a look at Collections and Smart Collections that can help us organise our photos.

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Lesson 4 : Developing your Photos

In this lesson we will get our hands into the Develop Module of Lightroom and explore the most commonly used development tools to edit and enhance your images. We will also look at creating presets or using presets available for free.

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Lesson 5 : Exporting your Photos

Now having edited your photos, we will cover how we can export the photos for sharing to various platforms and creating export presets for Quick Exports in the future.

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Harmeet Gabha


Self taught photographer and videographer, Harmeet is keen to share his learning through meetups, workshops and online content.

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