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There are times when you go out for a shoot hoping to capture a great shot but you come away with an ordinary one. Last Sunday was one of those times.

I went out to Bare Island at La Perouse hoping to shoot some nice sunrise shots before I had to pick up my parents at the airport. Now this location is good 50kms from my place so I leave with 1 hour in mind but Sunday traffic at 6am surprises you in Sydney.

By the time I make it there to my destination, thanks to the traffic we are way past twilight and the sun is already above the horizon. As I was determined to still snap a few shots, I captured some images from a few different vantage points.

Zoom in to Patterns
Bare Island, La Perouse (4.3 second, F18, ISO 200)
As you can see, the above image is nothing impressive. Its a straight out RAW image from the camera. It clearly isn’t something that you’d be excited to share on your Facebook page or Instagram.

The great advantage is that these days, lots of post processing software and techniques allow us to take an ordinary boring photo and turn it into a brilliant one.

In my case, I decide to run this image through Luminar 2018 which is my favourite editing software at the moment. I simply love the speed and the features it offers.

My approach with this image was to enhance and accentuate this image and then find a texture to apply to it. I have several textures available for free here that you can download for your own usage.

After applying some very basic edits like RAW development, AI Filter, Saturation/Vibrance, Image Radiance and then Texture. I applied this texture in Hard Light, it adds a very unique and stylised look to the image.

Zoom in to Patterns
Zoom in to Patterns


The final result is this brilliant looking image that you’d be happy to show your friends on Facebook and Instagram. Heck, I might even print this as an 8 by 10 and put it up in my office.

I love the fact that Luminar 2018 is such an easy tool to use and has all the features that any buddying photographer might need to process their images.

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