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I’ve been predominantly shooting with Fujifilm’s X-T1 mirrorless camera for the last 2 and a bit years (since late 2014).

On a recent trip I decided to take my Canon 80D with me and leave the X-T1 behind. Now you might be wondering why do I own a 80D which a recent camera when I claim to be using mirrorless camera. Well I use the 80D for shooting video and vlogging for my YouTube Channel.

Here are a few struggles I had with it and wished I had my X-T1 with me instead :

Exposure Bracketing

To shoot bracketing I had to use Quick menu or delv into full Menu.

On X-T1 there is a dial which you switch to and you are set. If I turned off the 80D and turned it off again I had to go into menus again to turn on Bracketing. I know there is an advanced mode that can set the camera to remember these settings. But you can’t beat a switch.

Exposure Bracketing

I had to remember even after setting Bracketing mode, I need to change shooting mode to multiple frames (slow or high speed) so it would actually take 3 exposures. Otherwise it requires you to press the shutter three separate times.

Hmm..X-T1 knows I’m shooting Bracketing so it fires 3 shots on single shutter press. Clever!!


Exposure Compensation

Exposure compensation. I had to remember that to access this quickly I need to reprogram a button so I can change exposure compensation quickly. On X-T1 there is a dedicated dial that lets me change this quickly without ever having to take my eyes away from the viewfinder.


Quick Access Menu

Quick access menu is displayed differently when you are in live view which makes it harder to figure out all the setting. Why can’t it be the same in both modes.

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