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So the story begins with me and my family travelling to Universal Studios in Los Angeles. While waiting for my family members to come out of the restroom I stood outside the Dodgers Clubhouse juggling a few items in my hands, a water bottle, iPad, Fujifilm X-T1 and the Peak Design Messenger bag (on my shoulder).

The X-T1 was secured in my left arm tucked tightly against my body or so I thought (the camera strap was not yet attached). As luck would have it my jacket didn’t provide the best grip for a metallic object and so it slipped through my arm/hands and fell on the pavement, lens facing down.

While somehow my reflexes decided to save the water bottle and the iPad (while it has a pretty strong case and survived many falls). The camera wasn’t so lucky and what I can recall from the split second it took to go down and the word F@#k (and many others) came to mind.

It is amazing in that split second, how many emotions and thoughts go through your head. Oh no, our vacation is ruined! New camera body? New lens? Thousands of dollars wasted? Do I buy a new or second hand? Where is the closest Camera store? Will my travel insurance cover it? What about my day at Universal studio where I’ve spent over $300 for a day pass?

From what I recall of that split second instant (I can still recall the even in slow motion in my head) and the scuff marks of the aftermath on the camera that it had landed hard on the lens hood upside down, causing the lens hood to come off instantly and then the lens rim made contact with the pavement. After which the flash mount made contact and bounced back to land on the bottom left base of the camera causing my LCD screen to come unhinged. I did see one of its hinge rivets fly off which I never recovered.

Lens Hood Damage
Hot Shoe Damage on Body
Lens Damage on 18-135mm XF
LCD Hinge damage
However because of the amazing build quality and metallic body of the camera, it is still operating just fine. Much to my delight and relief as you would recall that this took place outside of Universal Studios so I had a full day of family fun ahead with this camera. I don’t see how if I was using a DSLR (my Canon 7D) could have survived the impact would surely have broken the mirror inside. Luckily my despair was short lived, and I managed to put together the LCD bracket fairly quickly. The movement and manoeuvrability of the LCD is just the same only issue is that with some force you can unhinge one side of it. Here are some pictures after the fall and both the camera and lens are working in good order. Focusing and image stablisation are all operating as they were before.
Taken before the fall
Universal Studios
Taken after the fall
Taj Mahal - Legoland
Images edited using Ultimate HDR Preset for Lightroom
Universal Studios Hollywood
New Orleans - Legoland

Now do I or will I send the camera for repair and check up? Since its fall, I have taken 600 or more photographs with that and other lens. I don’t see any malfunctioning behaviour in any of the components of this AWESOME (big smile) camera. How thankful I am that my Lens hood was on the lens (which it normally is 99% of the time).

If I was impressed with the camera before, now my confidence in this camera and brand has increased even further. Thanks Fujifilm for making such a great product. Can’t wait to see what the X-T2 will be like (i’m sure their secret labs in Japan are working on it).

Ultimate HDR Preset Pack for Lightroom

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