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nik-logoGoogle has announce this week (on March 25th) that its Nik Collection which was previously priced at $150 is now available for FREE!!

The complete bundle is a great collection of tools for HDR, Portrait, Landscape, Black and White, Sharpening and Noise reduction that let you create some really amazing images.

I’ve been using this tool since Google acquired Nik Software in 2012 and priced it down to $150 instead of original Nik Software price of $500 (which was quite high in my opinion). Since then it has developed and improved the software further and introduced a new tool called Analog Efex Pro.

I wonder what will happen next. Will Google continue developing and investing in it or will we see end of this great photography software developed by Nik Software. Time will tell!! In the meantime download this great software and enjoy creating images.


But I just bought Google Nik Collection!! WTF??

According to the announcement, anybody who bought the software in 2016 will get a full refund automatically!! So no need to get upset if you paid for this software in the last couple of months.

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