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The Challenge

Google+ is great place to share great images and discover other talented like minded people. So if you find somebody that Follow and enjoy their work and you think to yourself that you want to share and contribute to the same themes as them.

Its not easy as just copying and pasting the curators strings with all the +Mentions!! Google+ doesn’t convert the +Mentions to active links so those people or pages are not notified.

Google+ Theme Coder

The Solution

So I decided to look at an easy to use solution that can convert these +Mention tags to their equivalent +1xxx.xxxxx number whether it is a Person or Page. Unfortunately there isn’t anything available so I investigated and spent some time de-cyphering the source code of each post. Having some knowledge in writing code I was able to come up with an easy to use solution.

The solution takes the entire Post and converts it back with the +1xxx.xxxxx numbers, so its easy to extract the theme codes you want to use in your own post. See below on how to use it.

How to Use?

Using the Google+ Theme Coder is very easy. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Find the post from which you want capture the Curator Theme code.
  2. Click on the DATE of the post to get to single post.
  3. Copy the URL shown in the browser.
  4. Paste the URL in the URL field above (on this page) and click Submit.
  5. My Google+ Theme Coder will fetch the post content, convert it to Code you can use. Simply copy the content you wish to use.


Update Log

13th May 2014 – First release of Google Plus Coder is online.

19th May 2014 – Some minor parsing errors fixed.

  • If #Hashtag and +Profile have the same name hashtag got coded as the profile. Now fixed.
  • If Profile name had special characters they weren’t coded. eg ‘ or &. Now fixed.
  • Added URL and Profile counter
  • Now URL remains in the URL field after parsing is done