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If you are like me and love to participate in Google Plus photography themes from B&W to Macro and anything in between then you must know the painful challenge that you face.

The problem is that you can’t copy paste the Curator theme text from one post to another, if you do Google+ doesn’t translate the +Mentions to notify people that curate that theme. #Hashtags work file and Google+ will translate them automatically.

And I don’t think that Google+ will allow the ability to easily +Mention people using Copy+Paste because it notifies the individual. Imagine getting 100s or 1000s of notifications in a day it would be annoying.

However, I think the Curators are generally ok with this as they moderate, curate and re-share your photos from their particular theme. So to help you be able to participate into these themes more easily, I wrote some code that fetches the Post Content from an existing post and then translates the +Mention names to +18938832… code of that profile.

Check it out here my Google+ Theme Coder and be sure to check out also the Google+ Themes List.

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Google+ Theme Coder

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