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Harmeet Gabha

Harmeet Gabha

Often times, feedback from loved ones can be just the re-assurance or booster you need in life. A step in the right direction!!

Last week, my wife had watched one of my videos and she commented to me “Why don’t you smile in your videos?”. I asked her what do you mean, I do smile!!! She added, “no you don’t”.

After careful examination of my previous videos I did agree with her, but to me it was no laughing matter. I thought that I’m sharing something with you so I want to be focused on the message. But then I realised that in real life we do rely on our expressions to communicate.

So in this week’s vlog I make an commitment to you, my audience that I will smile more in my videos that I share online. I want to share my ideas and thought about photography, gear and the process of this creative art. I am passionate about this so I need to share this passion through emotion.

I will smile more in my videos, I promise!!

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