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Inspired by our earlier post “Water droplets“, we are posting some photos that were taken during the rain (yes, during the rain and not after). Accompanied by a trusty umbrella, an a Canon 400D with 18-55mm kit lens we go out and shoot some water drops. To be safe we covered the Camera up using a shower cap (post coming soon) to prevent any accidental sprays onto the camera. Now the weather was bad, as in raining but it was more a constant drizzle and little to no wind. This made it possible to go out and shoot, otherwise in windy and heavy situation you would be really taking a gamble going out with your DSLR.

We need to use a high ISO setting like 800 or even higher to get a decent shutter speed like 1/250 or 1/100. Anything lower than 1/60 is going to be blurry and anything higher will give you a nice crisp shot.

Here are the results!!

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