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La Conciergerie in Paris is one of the old Royal Palaces and Prisons which is a hidden gem in the heart of Paris. It is located short walk from Notre Dame and the closest Metro Station is “Cité”. I had walked past this location twice in my previous stop overs in Paris without realising that I could go inside it.

Benro C2682TB1

From the outside it looks amazing and from the inside its even nicer (well the small portion that is accessible to tourists). The only problem is that it is quite dark and you need a Tripod to get a decent shot. Of course the Tripod police will not let you setup the Tripod as usual, however its not a very busy Tourist location so there is plenty of free space to walk around.

I chose several different perspectives which allowed me to setup my Tripod quickly and was mostly out of sight of the Tripod police. I used my recently acquired Benro C2682TB1 Transformer Travel Angel Carbon Fiber Tripod Kit (what a long name). I will post a review of this tripod very soon but in short “I love it!!”.

About the Photo

La Conciergerie, ParisThe photo is one of the Three Bracketed Exposures I took (-2, 0, +2 ev), this one is the -2 shot. I found that the highlights (which is the brightly lit area of the pillars) where a bit over exposed in the Normal (0 ev) shot. Some basic adjustments in Lightroom 4 such as Highlights, Exposure, Whites and Black. Some noise reduction and Crop after straightening.

The only tricky parts of the editing were a bright red and green signage which was visible in the photo. It still is there, I didn’t clone it out but as it was distracting a toned down the colours so you couldn’t see them as a distraction in the final photo.

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