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Macphun have released their next great new tools for photographers “Luminar” after their earlier software “Aurora” had such a great success. This software is a photo editing solution is very unique in the way it works. Its workspace adapts to your needs as you edit the photos.

All the photo development functionality is defined as Filters, if you need to edit exposure you add the Tone filter, you want to fix colour cast you add Remove Color Cast filter.  In total there are 38 different filters that add different edits to your image. As easily as you add them, just as easily you can remove them. Each filter can have its own Blend mode and Mask so you can really control how and how much of the effect is added to the image. A flexibility that normally requires you to jump into Photoshop.


Using the Texture Overlay filter you can apply a texture of your choice (external image) to your image and create something really cool. You also have Layers available to you so you can layer the effects applied by Filters on the image while applying some masks to your layers.

It comes with a stack of Presets that are a great way to edit your image with certain style or use as a base starting point for your image.

The best thing I found about Luminar is that it’s extremely FAST!!!! Yes, working on RAW image the image preview updates instantaneously as you move any of the sliders. I just love that!!!

While I’m still discovering many of its features and how I can use this in my workflow, so far I’m enjoying this new experience. It is nice and refreshing change.

Jump over to their website to discover for yourself what this software can do for you and its considerably discounted at the moment so you can save some money also.

Here are some of the images I’ve created using Luminar today.

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