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A Neat trick to get rid of Cage/Fence

When shooting animals, birds or any objects that are fenced off or caged off to prevent access, its very annoying that you may not be able to get a clean shot of the subject.

Shooting Birds that are behind the Fence

However the solution is not rocket science and doesn’t require any Photoshop..its all done in camera.

So, How is it done?

Before we go into the detail, the only requirement is that you ensure its safe to get close to the fence. Don’t get clawed or bitten!!

One solution is if your camera lens is small enough to get through the one square or quadrant of fence, then that’s straight forward. Just stick your lens through the fence and take the shot. Easy!!

However, if your lens is bigger than the one square or quadrant of the fence, then you can’t do the above. Switch your Camera to Aperture Mode (Av on Canon or A on Nikon). Dial down the Aperture to the biggest aperture ie smallest F number, for example F2.8, F3.5 or F4.0. Get your lens as close to the fence, right up next to it if possible and most of all Safe to do so.

And take the shot. You will see that the photo will be clear of any Fence or Cage.

Shot from outside the cage

 How does it Disappear?

Well from what I understand when your aperture is at its widest possible size the lens is focusing on a distant object, the fence or cage being right next to the lens becomes so out of focus that it is not even recorded in the photo. Also the amount of light entering the lens it pretty much goes around the fence wire and therefore making it invisible to the lens.

Try it out, shoot at the widest aperture like F2.8, F3.5 or whatever smallest F value your lens will go to and then close down the aperture to its smallest size F16 or F22 or highest F value. You will find that at the higher F number you will see the shadow of the fence wire in the picture.

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