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ON1 has released some news about a RAW editor that they have been working on and will be releasing it this fall (northern hemisphere) which would be spring where I am. There are some pretty big claims that it can render Sony 42 Megapixel in a fraction of a second and editing images is pretty much real time. If you are like me and frustrated with Lightroom’s bloated workflow and laggy interface then this sounds like good news.

Its about time somebody came out with another RAW editor that is not Adobe software and makes editing photos a breeze. ON1 Photo RAW will not only have standard develop features but also as standard Effects, Layers and Portrait.

ON1 Photo RAW – Pre-release Videos

Watch the videos believe to see pre-release/prototype videos of this upcoming RAW editor.





Personally, I am fed up with Lightroom but have lot of time invested in it and even with running an iMac that is top of its class, it still remains sluggish. So for me to switch completely to another system and re-design my photo editing workflow the replacement has to deliver what ON1 are claiming their Photo RAW software will deliver.


It has to be lightening fast to preview and develop images

Its rumored to be priced at US $150 which is a perpetual license and not subscription model as Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC. So I am keenly waiting for the pre-order email so I can get my hands on it and put it to the test. If it lives up to its standards I would be keen to switch over to it completely for my workflow. In the past On1 Photo Suites have been good for image editing but not as a complete Library management, always felt it was missing some soul.

Don’t miss out the pre-orders, sign up here to be alerted when orders can be placed. For a complete list of features that On1 Photo RAW will support please check out their website.

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