Personalise Your X-Series Camera (X-T3) with these Settings

Happy New Year reader (well depends when you are reading this)!! it was the start of new year when I published this. So I hope you are having a great year. As you or your loved ones spoil you over the Christmas and Holiday season, I’m sure there are some of us who have got our first camera or upgraded to that “next” camera you wanted.

So did I!! I bought an Fujifilm X-T3 which was on sale after Christmas and I had my eye on it for quite sometime. Hence I was keen to setup this camera with my own preferences. But this time I decided to document it as a video which you can watch on my YouTube channel.

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AI Sky Enhancer – Skylum Luminar

Skylum recently released an update to its Luminar 2018 editing software which uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to enhance the sky in any image that has sky (of course). It a FREE update that is available to all its current users who have Luminar 2018. So I decided to put this new slider to a test. Found a few images with different kinds of sky on my computer and loaded them up in Luminar 2018 to put this new feature to the test. To my surprise it works pretty well and its very clever in terms of detecting where the sky…

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