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Capture One Tips for ex-LR Users

Capture One Tips for ex-LR Users

Capture One Pro/Express can be quite intimidating at first, especially if you are coming from using Adobe Lightroom. In this post (and video below) I hope to bridge this gap. You hopefully find that Capture One is actually more powerful, flexible and feature rich than...

Low Light IBIS Performance Fujifilm X-T4

Finally in this latest camera by Fujifilm we now have 5-axis In Body Image Stablisation (IBIS) which means that you can get a lot more steady handheld shots in low light or night scenes. I decided to test this capability of the X-T4's IBIS as I know that I'm quite...

Unboxing Fujifilm X-T4

Earlier this May, Fujifilm released these next flagship camera X-T4 with the rumoured articulating screen and In Body Image Stablisation (IBIS).  I reached out to Fujifilm Australia to request if a review unit could be sent to me for testing and review. Sure, enough...

Photography Projects at Home

facebooktwitterpinterestinstagramAs we adjust to this different way of life, in isolation there are still many ways to keep your creativity inspired and use your camera. When I started off with my camera there were many things I used to do at home to practice and get...

Featured Instagram Photographer – @Sutto007

sutto007 Michael Sutton In this post continuing on the series, I will feature a local talented photographer from Sydney's one of most famous beaches - Cronulla Beach. He is an early bird that catches the most amazing sunrise shots.Michael Sutton has a beautiful series...

How to get Fujifilm Classic Negative Look on X-T3 X-Pro2 X-T30

The recipe for getting the Classic Negative look on X-T3, X-PRO2, X-T2, X-T30 or other X-Series where you can save your own profiles and have Classic Chrome simulation. You an apply these settings to emulate the Classic Negative look that is added as new Film...

My Experience with Peak Design Lifetime Warranty

I have a Peak Design Slide Lite strap which I have owned for over four years. This strap has served me well over these past years and I have been happy with it. In the last few months I noticed that the rubber surface of the strap started to melt away and was rubbing...

Featured Instagram Photograph @_marcelsiebert

_marcelsiebert Marcel Siebert   I discovered @_marcelsiebert while browsing through some of the photos of #germany and quickly looked at his account. WOW...I was blown away with some of the most epic landscapes and travel images that Marcel has captured and...

Featured Instagram Photographer @markduffyphotography

markduffyphotography Mark Duffy Mark is an Ireland based landscape photographer who is the featured Instagrammer of this week.  Mark Duffy is a landscape photographer based in Ireland. With a background in graphic design and music, he discovered time-lapse photography...

Featured Instagram Photographer @sixstreetunder

sixstreetunder Craig Whitehead In this new series, I will feature some of the amazing photographers that I follow on Instagram who take some of the most amazing photographs you will ever see. Craig Whitehead aka @sixstreetunder is this week's featured photographer. He...

Travel Tripod Re-invented: Why I’m backing their Kickstarter?

  Every now and then a company does something that makes you go wow!!! Why hasn't that been done before? Take Dyson for example, they re-invented the Vacuum Cleaner and the Fan. Very household items that we would be using the same crappy bag and cleaning the...
Miniature Worlds – Project #3

Miniature Worlds – Project #3

This weeks video is about creating Miniature Worlds using these figurines by Faller that I had lying around for a long time. Thanks to a friend Greg who posted some really nice Lego Star Wars scenes that inspired me to go looking for these figurines and use them...

Low Key Rose – Project #2

Low Key Rose – Project #2

In this project, I decided to shoot a Rose growing in my backyard as a Low Key style image. Low Key is where only some part of the subject is lit and the rest is generally in the dark. In fact most of the image is dark. The result you get is a very intriguing image, I...

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Remove UV filter at Night

Remove UV filter at Night

Here is a quick tip that I knew but didn't realise until I faced a problem when shooting a cityscape at night. Every photo I took I noticed strange lights and glow in the final image that was taken. I gave the UV filter a nice clean with the cleaning cloth but still...


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7 Reasons Why I Don’t Regret Moving to Samsung

I want to share with you something that I did a few months ago. About six months ago actually I switched over to the Samsung Note 9 after having used a Apple iPhone for about 8+ years and I just want to share my thoughts and my experience so far on this transition...

Save Storage Space with JPEGmini Pro

  A few months ago, I discovered this very cool software called JPEGmini Pro which is designed to optimise your JPEG file size without compromising the quality of the image. I read about this in a Facebook group FujiXAus where there was discussion about file...

Moving to Drobo 5N2 from External Drives

It was finally time to move from External USB storage drives to a multi-disk redundant system that would allow me to ensure my data is secure. So far my external drives were backed up to CrashPlan using their Family Home plan (which is no longer available &...

Removing Objects From Photos Using Movavi Photo Editor

When you snap photos in a studio you may have the luxury of perfectly positioning all the objects and elements in the frame so that the composition is just right. However outside of a studio that isn’t likely to be the case, and more often than not there’ll be objects...

Biggest Reason Why I Love Fujifilm X-Series Cameras

It has been 4 years since I switched from Canon to Fujifilm when I bought my second Fujifilm camera for photography and started to sell off my Canon Gear. Last year I upgraded from that camera (X-T1) to the latest X-T2 but here is the biggest reason why I love...

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