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I find that everybody I meet these days who enjoys photography, always ends up keeping their photos on their phone or computer. They rarely go and print their photos.
There are many new and innovative ways to get your photos printed these days and they are so easy. Forget the standard 4×6 inch prints or 5×7 inch prints they are old and really a loss of the Megapixels that your cameras have these days.

One of the unique ways to print your photos on Vinyl Skin which you can stick on your laptop or tablet making it unique to your taste. GelaSkins a Canadian based company does just this. They can turn your favourite photo into a Skin for your laptop or tablet which not only looks great but also prevents your device from scratches and scuffs. Don’t worry they use special 3M glue which means that its easy to remove if you get bored and doesn’t leave any residue.

I took my two photos Christchurch’s New Brighton Pier and Eiffel Tower (I think everybody knows where that is) and sent my order through. 3 weeks later (well Sydney is quite far away from Canada) my order arrived. And as you can see below it was totally worth it. Most of all these things are very inexpensive.

Pimped up MacBook Pro Retina and iPad 2 with GelaSkins

 You can also get cases for your Smartphone, Music player, Gaming console/remote etc. The options are endless, so go check out GelaSkins.

I’m in no way associated with GelaSkins, nor do they pay me for writing this.

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