Continuing on my series on composition, we have looked at leading lines, symmetry and patterns so far. Now we take a looks at another very useful topic on framing the subject in your composition.

First let’s take a look at these images below. Do you see something wrong here.

The images have a certain level of discomfort to them, don’t you think. Why is that?

Well, looking at the direction the ‘main’ subject in these images are heading into or are facing makes it uncomfortable and almost claustrophobic. The subject is to close to the edge of the frame and therefore has no more room to move forward. These images need more breathing room on the side where the subject is facing or heading.

So in our composition we need to frame the image in a way that gives the main subject enough room to breathe and be comfortable. Let’s look at the same image framed differently now. Naturally they feel comfortable. As they have room to move forward in the direction they are heading..hence there is room to breathe.

Like all rules as you can break this rule as long as there is some symmetry in the image whereby you introduced another rule while breaking one. This way you can frame the subject really close to the edge of the frame and still have resulting image that feels comfortable. You see you can break the

As a beginner you may think that there are so many things to consider when composing while trying to capture “the moment”. This is a lot. Yes it is but at the same time it’s not.

These are things that you will perfect over time. You will unconsciously make the decisions in your mind. All you need to do is be aware of them. Mistakes are part of this learning process so don’t be afraid. Go out and capture the photos.