How to use Canon Lens on Fujifilm Camera?

If you have switched or are considering switching from a Canon DSLR system to a Fujifilm X series cameras, you should consider holding on to some of your favourite Canon EF lens unless you need the money. Or you may be wondering can i use canon lens on fujifilm camera?

Don’t sell them all as you can mount an EF lens on FX mount.

You can buy adapters for the Fujifilm X camera that allow you to mount an Canon lens on Fujifilm camera, these are XF to EF adapters that you can buy online and possibly in a camera store.

Canon to Fujifilm X

One thing to note is that this adapter will be Manual Focus only.

Use Canon EF Lens at Native Aperture

The aperture on the EF Lens is controlled electronically by the EOS Camera its attached to. Otherwise when not connected to a Camera body the lens sits wide open at its native aperture, so if you have F1.8 lens it mean it remains at F1.8. If you have a F4 lens, it remains at F4.

So to use these lens at their native aperture, you can simply attach the lens by following the steps below. Skip Step 1 and follow from Step 2 to 5 in the section “Use Canon EF Lens at Specific Aperture“.

EOS Lens on Fujifilm X-T1

Depth of Field (DOF) button

This button is located near the bottom of the lens mount either on the left or right of the camera body. Depending upon your model of the camera you may want to refer to the Instruction Manual of your specific model. It let’s you preview the depth of field that will be achieved when you press the shutter.

For example, if you are shooting with a lens that is F1.8 natively but in Aperture Priority or Manual mode you’ve set the Aperture to F2.8 then pressing the DOF button will change the lens aperture to F2.8. Here is where this button is by default on Canon 80D and 7D.

Depth of Field (DOF) Button on Canon 80D
Depth of Field (DOF) Button on Canon 7D

Use Canon EF Lens at Specific Aperture

Set the Desired Apperture

Step 1

Lock the aperture of your lens with Depth-of-filed button on the Canon camera.

To change the aperture later on, you will need to re-attach the lens back onto the Canon camera body.


Hold DOF and then Detach your EF Lens

Step 2

Detach the lens while the camera is on and DOF button is pressed. Now your lens is locked to aperture you selected.

Line up the Lens to attach

Step 4

Attach the lens to your adapter.

Mount Lens on X-T1

Step 4

Mount the lens with the adapter on the Fujifilm X camera. Here we are attaching to an X-T1.


Set Fujifim X-T1 to Manual Focus

Step 5

Make sure that you switch the lens and camera to MF (manual focus).

Tip: Turn on Focus Peaking if your Fujifilm X Camera has this feature. It makes manual focusing super easy!!



I have done this with many of my Canon Lens and it does not harm the lens or the camera body by removing the lens while the camera is On. However you do this at your own risk. Me or Photo Insomnia are not liable for any damage. 

Here are some of the samples shot with Fujifilm X-T1 using Canon EF 100mm F2.8 Macro lens.

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  1. Are you serious? that’s completely impractical. Who’s got time to do this? and also carries the old camera body with him all the time, although he now has the nice light fuji.

    1. Hans-Peter, not everyone sells all their old Canon gear. Why would you keep a lens if you don’t have a body to go with it?
      In my case I still use Canon for Video and vlogging so I actually have two bodies. I don’t take them with me though. For example I set the Aperture to F8 on my Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 lens and use it’s wide angle capabilities for landscapes. The Canon body stays home only the Lens and adapter come with me in my bag.

  2. What about kipon adaptor with aperture control? It’s a dial 1-10 so you guess what is your aperture, but i think it’s a little easier than the ‘trick’ you mentioned above (which might cause damage to the lens)
    Good luck

    1. Hi Idan,

      I haven’t tried the Kipon Adapter with aperture dials so I can’t comment on it. But I am certain that doing what I describe doesn’t damage your canon lens.


  3. Hi Harmeet,

    Which adapter are you using? I assume we have the same (K&F).

    What are your thoughts on having to do manual focus all the time and adjusting focal length at the same time? With the L lens, the makeup becomes quite front heavy also. Any tips?


    1. Hi Andy,

      Yes, it is front heavy but I just hold the camera by the lens instead of the body in this case. This ensure no extra load on lens mount.

      Regarding manual focus, if you turn ON focus peaking then it becomes really easy to focus.
      Hope this helps


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