Lukas Gisbert-mora talks about his switch from Nikon to Fuji Mirrorless System (X-T1)

The mirrorless camera revolutions seems to be sweeping into professional photography and is not just a nice camera system used by your amateur or hobbyist. These cameras are starting to make their way into professional photographer’s bags and showing great promise as a replacement to traditional heavy weight DSLRs by Canon and Nikon.

Lukas Gisbert-mora is a professional wedding and portrait photographer based in England who has replaced his Nikon gear and is not using Fuji mirrorless X-T1 as his primary camera system. In this video below he does a review of the X-T1 and does a comparison with his Nikon D3s.

Now if you enjoyed his review check outĀ this video below he talks about a few things that he doesn’t like about the X-T1 but then can’t stop talking about all the things he loves in the camera. In 17 minute where he talks about his experience after having shot with the X-T1 for three months. He is currenlty usingĀ Fujinon XF 10-24mm F/4 R OIS and Fujinon XF 56mm F/1.2 R Lens with the X-T1 battery grip.


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