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I have to say that over the 1+ year since I’ve had my drone (DJI Phantom 3), I’ve never been scared to use it. Since I’ve been flying my drone, I’ve come across few¬†people who have also bought their drones but are too scared to fly them.

Getting a drone, whatever kind it might be is an expensive investment. These days they start from US$ 600 to US$4000 depending upon which model and brand you go for. Before you buy one, you should be prepared to invest in money that potentially is going to waste, so if you don’t have money you can risk and potentially waste; Don’t buy a drone!!

As soon as a drone is off the ground: your investment is at risk; and your images and videos are at risk.

I’ve seen a guys take is drone out and fly around above ground, near the coastline. When asked he said, I don’t want to lose it in the ocean!! Hang on, but if your drone falls from 100 meters on to the ground, do you think it will survive? He said probably not. Well then what’s the issue over water, I replied. But look at what you could be capturing..


Flying Above Water


So what have I learned about these drones over the past year…well they are bloody strong machines and take on pretty strong winds 20-30kms/hour as I have pushed mine in such conditions. Of course if it falls on the ground it’s not going to make it but like I said if you are scared about this, then don’t buy one in the first place.

Another instance, a guys comes up to me and says I’ve got a drone. I said, where is it? It’s in my car and I don’t want to fly it as the wind is too strong, he said. I replied, how do you know your drone can’t handle this wind? He adds, well its pretty strong. I’m like, what’s the point of getting it and not trying to see if it can handle the wind speed. Let me show you that I can fly mine in this wind. After he sees/hears me fire up and fly my drone, somehow he conjures up the guts to go get his drone as well.

Why buy a drone if you are too scared to fly it? Keep your money in your pocket and get a new camera instead as it’s safe in your hands. Take my advice, if you are going to buy a drone then be brave enough to use it. In the rare event it get’s lost well you’ve lost your investment and any images still on the memory card. But if you don’t fly it and let it sit in your home or car then what’s the point, really!!

*End Rant* I need a drink!!

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