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Take your favourite photos and turn them into something more memorable and enjoyable. offers an easy to use interface with drag and drop functionality so you don’t need a degree is IT to create a wonderful and pleasing Skin or Case for your favourite device such as iPhone, Samsung S3, Laptop or iPad.

I was keen to try out this site as I love to turn my favourite photos into something that I can enjoy daily. I found a photo of my daughter that I had taken using my iPhone 5 and edited using Snapseed. So here is what I did.

Create your own iPhone Case

Step 1

I went to the iPhone section of the site and selected iPhone 5 Case to start creating my own case.


Step 2

You can select some great looking images from the Wrappz collection, I like the Lieca M9 image which would be great for a Skin that you can stick on the iPhone. However, I wanted to get a iPhone 5 case which to give to my wife as a surprise. So I uploaded the image, dragged it over to the phone and resized it to fit the case template.


Step 3

Add the case to your Cart or Save it to retrieve it later. Proceed to shipping and you are done!!


 iPhone case Arrives

A couple of weeks after I placed my order, the case arrived in the mail. First impression was wow!! The photo looks great as an iPhone case.

The build of the case is solid and appears to be scratch resistant. The image quality is also pretty good, can’t tell if this is a photo taken on iPhone or D-SLR. The colours are very closely matched to the original image. The case is a nice tight fit on the phone and looks great.

Wrappz iPhone Case

I surprised my wife by swapping her old iPhone case with this new one. She was very excited and thrilled to have a personalised iPhone case, she’s being showing it off to her family and friends.

That’s the impact a personalised Case or Skin for your device can have.

Wrappz iPhone Case in Hand

Get a Free iPhone Skin

Wrappz have offered a special deal for my readers, anybody who wishes to buy an iPhone skin you get it for FREE. All you need to pay for is shipping fee and your personalised Skin will arrive soon after. Just use the VOUCHER CODE: FREESKIN.

You can even use it with another order to get a £7.99 discount on your Order.

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  1. I phone my love. I recently buy iPhone 7 for my self and definitely going buy the designer cases for this.and recently realize that this personalized thing is the best gifting option as well.
    I was also a bit of trouble with personalized gifts this year. Living in the South, it is x-box this and x-box that and I feel like people pretty much already have everything they would ever want x-box. so I gave him the x-box. But he likes the character Minecraft. so personalize his x-box with this. and he is the happiest. Life is so full of unpredictable beauty and strange surprises. Sometimes that beauty is too much for me to handle. Do you know that feeling? When something is just too beautiful? When someone says something or writes something or plays something that moves you to the point of tears, maybe even changes you.

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