Thanks for your Support in 2013

A Year in Review

2013 was a great year for the site. The discovery and number of visitors went through the roof. Really excited and motivated me to create more content to share with our readers.

Total Page Views for the year was just under 60,000 views which was thanks to 27,268 visitors that came to Photo Insomnia.


[quote type=”center”] My sincere thanks to all the visitors for supporting and motivating me to create more content for you. 2014 shall see even more content published.[/quote]


Thank You


The first half of the year was fairly low volume traffic to the site but the second half was phenomenal when we were getting on an average of over 3,500 visits per month.

Site Visits

The pageviews were averaging over 8,000 pages per month with peaks of just under 12,000 pages.

Page Views

Most Downloaded

All the free stuff provided on the site received plenty of downloads but it seems that Lightroom Presets proved to be the most popular. This again encouraged us to create more presets and share with our visitors.


1st Place

LR4 Punchy HDR, our HDR preset for Lightroom 4 was the most downloaded freebie and received plenty of feedback from our audience. It ranked at number 1 when it came to total downloads from the site.

[button link=”” color=”orange”]LR4 Punchy HDR [/button]



2nd Place

The second place went to the updated version of LR4 Punchy HDR preset when Lightroom 5 was released last year. It received rave reviews and is likely to surpass the LR4 preset in 2014 as more and more users upgrade to Lightroom 5

[button link=”” color=”orange”]LR5 Punchy HDR [/button]



3rd Place

Third place went to my LR5 Afternoon HDR preset which was designed specifically for those afternoon shots which can be a bit flat. This preset for Lightroom 5 has also proven very popular

[button link=”” color=”orange”]LR5 Afternoon HDR [/button]


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