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Shooting Paris

A few years ago when I went to Paris, I was shooting with my old DSLR and basic Kit lens plus my Sigma Wide Angle lens. Since then a few things have happened, I’ve upgraded to some better gear; Canon 7D and some L lens.

Also, I’m under the impression that my photography has gotten better. Well at least my mum agrees!!

Now again this year I’ve got the opportunity to go to Paris so the plan is to visit some of the locations that I haven’t shot before and also to revisit some of the locations I’ve been to before.

The Plan

Well the plan is that I’m staying in Paris for three days. Why only 3 days? Well actually I’m going to Lyon as my final destination due to work. It’s great when you are a senior manager working for a French company. 😉

So back to “The Plan”, as I was saying I’ll be in Paris for 3 days so with 6 possible ideal times of day to shoot: at dawn and at dusk, I need a plan to shoot my desired locations. In between dawn and dusk I plan to be indoors in cathedrals and inside metro stations.

There is also some time needed for sustenance and sleeping.

So below is my public map that I’ve created using my previous hot spots for shooting and also after exploring Trey Ratcliff’s Stuck on Earth app. The app is great that allows you to download all the photos you short list offline on your iPad. So you can review them while traveling. However I’m using google maps this time as I don’t plan to take my iPad with me. Oh did I mention that this Stuck on Earth app is totally Free!

View Paris in a larger map

Updated: based on a few recommendations I’ve added a few more locations on the map to shoot. The original 17 are represented with Red pins while the other recommendations are in Green pins.

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I’ll be posting photos online on Google+, Twitter and Facebook every opportunity I get. Final photos will be posted on my blog and all social media site on my return home. I wish I could take you (my MacBook ProR) with me.

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