Trey Ratcliff Sydney Photowalk

Late September, I received this sudden invitation from a fellow Google+ member Michael Sutton when I arrived at work on Monday morning. What’s this, Trey Ratcliff is coming to Sydney? Wow…great!! When? Tomorrow, Tuesday?

It was very short notice but still a lot of photography enthusiasts and professionals signed up to attend this event. I also, finished work on the dot and headed over to Circular Quay for the meet up. The weather was chilly for a Spring day but it was overcast with lots of clouds. Perfect for taking photos though, landscape and portraits.

Trey Ratcliff started the event by addressing the group and sharing a few tips and then we all headed over to capture some snaps of Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House. Overall a good event and this is my favourite photo from all the ones I took. There are still a few more to process.

About the Photo

The photo was taken on a tripod with 3 Bracketed Exposures -2, 0 and +2. Blended in Photomatix Pro and then taken into Photoshop to do some layer blending and sharpening. Finished off in Lightroom with some Basic adjustments and 2 by 1 crop.

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