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Every now and then a company does something that makes you go wow!!! Why hasn’t that been done before?

Take Dyson for example, they re-invented the Vacuum Cleaner and the Fan. Very household items that we would be using the same crappy bag and cleaning the blades of the fans, if that company hasn’t gone and questioned. Why?

I love Peak Design for the same reasons. They do things that bigger companies won’t because they just want your money!! Peak Design has been known for their Kickstarter campaigns that have gone far and beyond any Kickstarter in the past.

They create great products for photographers to make their life easier and more comfortable. They’ve done it again, behold the Peak Design Travel Tripod. 

  • A tripod that is no thicker than a standard water bottle.
  • A tripod that doesn’t waste space when you close it down.
  • A tripod that doesn’t have a protruding head that ticks out like sore thumb.
  • A tripod head has ONE ring to adjust everything.
  • A tripod mount that click in for Quick mounting.
  • And many more…

It has everything that we would wish a Tripod could be. It’s simply brilliant.

If you haven’t watched their Kickstarter campaign video then check it out here. I was sold!! The ball head mechanism is so intuitive that it simply stows away when collapsed into the tripod that you’d thing that there is no ball head attached.

So I am backing their campaign and waiting anxiously to receive this beauty in December 2019. It is exciting to see what the competition will do now with their tripod design. Peak Design’s Travel Tripod is a game changer!!!


Harmeet Gabha

Harmeet Gabha

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