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 Upgrade to Wacom Intuous Professional

The Old – Wacom Bamboo

My good old Wacom Bamboo tablet has been my partner in crime since 2008 and I’ve loved using this little tablet. Using a tablet is so much like drawing with a pen and paper, that editing your photographs become a breeze. There is no comparison between using a mouse vs a tablet, its literally day and night difference.

However since a couple of years my daughter has also discovered the tablet and has drawn on the tablet, beat it up with its pen. The trusty Bamboo took a lot of abuse over the past couple of years and now was starting to jump all around when I used it. The cursor would jump from current position to the top or to the right and I was finding having to constantly undo things or make changes in small increments in Lightroom or Photoshop.

Wacom Bamboo and Wacom Intuos Professional

The New – Wacom Intuos Professional

So I went out and purchases this professional grade tablet. The one I got is the Medium (M) size but still you can see above its much bigger than the Bamboo.

Wacom Intuos Professional is brilliant, smooth and precise. It has so many options that its hard to figure out what common actions I need to configure. The configurations are also specific to each applications so the possibilities are literally endless. So much so that Wacom provide a software that allow you to backup your configuration to USB in case you ever have to re-install or migrate to a newer workstation.

Wacom Intuos Professional Medium


Wacom Intuos Professional is also a touch sensitive device so you can use gestures but I turned off those features as I didn’t need them. The kit I purchased comes with the Wireless Connection kit (which was optional accessory with previous models). Its so much better not having the USB cable get in the way and the battery although very small, I get 9-10 hours of work out of it.

So if you are also thinking of purchasing a precision edition tool such as this Wacom Intuos Professional to help you speed up the post processing of your photographs definitely consider getting it.

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