Capture one

Our very first Time Lapse sequence done in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. The sequence was setup using a remote timer trigger which fired every 10 seconds and resulted in a total of 245 photos. All the photos were shot using a Canon 400D with Lensbaby (no particular reason, that’s what was mounted at the time). The camera was secured on a sturdy tripod as there was some wind around. The photos were then sequenced in 15 frames per second to produce the final 16 second video.

The video is nothing exceptional but more a learning experience on how to:

  • Find and frame your shots
  • Setting up your camera settings
  • Evaluate the shooting interval
  • Compiling the sequence in Photoshop and some post processing (crop and watermark)

The whole experience was very thrilling and has already given ideas for new locations and better approaches. Hopefully this quick post will inspire you take the first step and experiment with time lapse photography.

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