Creating Miniaturised Look in Lightroom (Tilt Shift Effect)

Miniaturised effects are very creative way of turning an ordinary photo into a miniaturised one. The result is usually created in post-production but can also achieved with Tilt Shift Lens available for some industry leading DSLRs such as Canon and Nikon.

Follow the step below or what the video tutorial to discover how to create this effect in Lightroom. The main concept of this effect is that you blur out certain parts of the image while leaving a very small section sharp, which results in a shallow depth of field hence making the image appear miniaturised.

Step 1

Switch to the Develop Module and select the Graduated Filter.

Step 2

Drag the Graduated filter to the position and stretch it across the area you want to appear blurred. Adjust the Sharpness value to -100 (negative sharpening results in blurring).

Step 3 

Drag the filter from both sides and then increase the effect by Duplicating the pin of the Graduated filter.

That’s it you are done. If you need stronger effect just create multiple pins on top of each other to double/triple the effect.

Check out the results below.

Caesar's Palace Miniaturised Effect
Coogee Beach Miniaturised Effect

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