Let’s Edit a Photo – How to Edit Light Trails (Multiple exposures) in Photoshop – LEAP 04

In this 4th Episode of the LEAP Show, I take you through a complete edit from start to finish. I will show you how I create a single image from multiple image of Light Trails shot in Auckland NZ. I location that I was scouting for some time but finally worked out which overpass this was from thanks to some Kiwi locals.

In this week’s episode I you will learn how to edit light trail images and blend multiple exposures into single image. We will take a look at quick and easy way which takes less than 2mins and another longer technique where you can selectively blend the parts of the image that you want.

You can download the JPEG files (4 exposures) using the link below.

LEAP04.JPG.zip (165 downloads)

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