Migrating Lightroom to Drobo 5N2

Got me a Drobo 5N2 last week and spent most of my free time this weekend setting up the Drobo. After copying all of my photos across onto the Drobo, I started linking the photos from my external USB storage to Drobo 5N2.

In this video I share my tip on how to easily migrate your photos onto this networked device.

You can simply break the link to the original folder by renaming it and then launch Lightroom Classic CC. You will notice that the folder icons in Lightroom will go grey.

Right click on the folder and choose the location of the new folder. Navigate to the same folder on the Drobo 5N2 and Lightroom will link the photos to their new location.

You will now see all the photos and edits from the photo will all be there.

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