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Okay so a new year has begun..Happy New Year to you!! We hope it brings you lots of happiness, joy and prosperity.

As such we have a few new and exciting announcements for 2017 that will see more engagement with our audience and a shared journey.

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VLOG Series

We will start producing Video Logs aka VLOGs on photography adventures, sharing behind the scenes of travel locations so you can join us on the journey.

We hope to publish at least 15 VLOGs in 2017, that’s the target we’ve set ourselves. As we are finalising the release of our very first VLOG, its interesting how much time it requires in post-production to produce the final content.


LEAP stands for Let’s Edit A Photo which is a new show we will start sharing a complete edit of an image from start to finish. The edit may be just a Lightroom edit, or may involve complex processing techniques utilising several software to create the final image.

LEAP Show will launch in February this year.


How can you watch these shows?

We will be posting these videos both on YouTube as well as our Facebook Page so all you need to do is Subscribe or Like/Follow our page to keep up to date and enjoy them. You can also subscribe to our newsletter so we can let you know when a new video is published.

Also don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us on what you liked or didn’t like in the shows.

Our main goal is to produce exciting and engaging content that not only entertains but also inspires you to take your own adventure and capture something amazing.

So we hope you’ll join us on this adventure together.

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