Lightroom Keyboard Shortcuts

As a new Adobe Photoshop Lightroom User, you want to know and learn these Lightroom keyboard shortcuts to speed up your workflow.

G – Grid View E – Loupe View D – Develop Module (start editing) Tab – Hide/Show left/right panels Shift + Tab – Hide/Show all panels

Navigation Shortcuts

Use these shortcuts to navigate your way around Lightroom and its various different modules. Your workflow will immediately become faster by using these easy to memorise shortcuts.

P - Pick/Select a Photo X - Reject a Photo U - Unflag a pick/reject photo N - Survey sected photos C - Compare two photos 1-5 - Rate photos 1 to 5 stars 6-9 - Flag photos: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue 0 - Clear Rating I - Cycle Info Overlays

Select/Categorise Photo Shortcuts

Use these shortcuts to sort, select and pick the photos you want to edit and categorise. Great way to manage and maintain your Lightroom catalog.

R - Crop tool Q - Spot Removal Tool M - Gradient Filter Shift+M - Radial Filter K - Adjustment Brush W - White Balance Selector \ - Toggle Before/After Y - Split Before/After L - Lights Out

Editing Shortcuts

Edit faster with these easy to remember and very power tools that will allow you to optimise and enhance your photos. Quickly check how far you've come with the \ key which will show you the before/after.

Work Smarter not Harder

Hope you found these keyboard shortcuts useful and will improve your Lightroom editing workflow. You can use the link below to download these in as a printable guide.