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Your data and privacy are important to us and we treat it with the same care as we would with our own data.

So to help you understand when and what information is captured by our site we’ll try to explain in terms both of us can understand. I have no lawyers involved here as I am the sole owner of this site.


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We love to get your feedback and share your story with any of our blog posts.

So when you comment your Name, Email and Website address are captured and stored in our website. This is used to allow you engage easily in the future and receive updates when others comment on the same post as you.

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When you subscribe, you will be asked to confirm your subscription via email. Your email address and name are stored in one of the markets leading email marketing solution provided by ActiveCampaign.

All the emails have the option for you to opt-out when and if you want. Look for the Unsubscribe link.

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When you Shop

When you shop with us, we only ask for your Name, Email and Country of Residence. This allows us to tailor communications and emails to you about your purchase.

Your details are stored so any products that are updated, you can be notified. It also allows you to re-download the products you purchased in case you lose the original copy.

We are always working to ensure that your details are safe and secure. We are also staying up to date with any data protection policies being revised around the world to ensure we stay compliant

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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