How to get Fujifilm Classic Negative Look on X-T3 X-Pro2 X-T30

The recipe for getting the Classic Negative look on X-T3, X-PRO2, X-T2, X-T30 or other X-Series where you can save your own profiles and have Classic Chrome simulation. You an apply these settings to emulate the Classic Negative look that is added as new Film Simulation to the X-PRO3.

The recipe is not mine, credit below to original source. But I have found a few extra bits that weren’t mentioned in the original source.

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How to make the Sky Pop in Lightroom?

Having been using Lightroom Classic for many years now, you start to get a sense of how powerful the different components are. But more importantly knowing what the different components or modules do, lets you find innovative ways to use them.

This is one of the techniques I’ve figured out through experimentation and work 90% of the time on most landscape photos. So let’s get started with this method.

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7 Reasons Why I Don’t Regret Moving to Samsung

I want to share with you something that I did a few months ago. About six months ago actually I switched over to the Samsung Note 9 after having used a Apple iPhone for about 8+ years and I just want to share my thoughts and my experience so far on this transition after 6 months. First question obviously you might be wondering “do I have any regrets?” and the answer is NO, I certainly don’t have any regrets moving over to an Android phone system. I’m actually a techie at heart, so I like technology and moving over to…

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Why I’m now using Capture One Pro for FUJIFILM Raw Files over Lightroom?

Today I want to talk to you about Capture One Pro that’s something that I have started using with my Fujifilm cameras so with the X-T2 and the X-T3 and I’ve also got a ton of photos from X-T1 which I have sold off but I still have those photos on my computer so why did I decide to go back to Capture One. Even though in my previous videos about Capture One I’ve said that it’s not for me actually more and more I went back to it because I saw a lot of people commenting and saying that this…

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