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You are interested in finding your FUJIFILM Camera’s shutter count for two reasons – you are curious for your own self or you are buying/selling a camera so you want to know/advertise how used it is.

When buying a used camera you’d want to go for lowest shutter count you can find which will give you most life with that camera.

Shutter count is often also known as shutter actuations which means the up and down movement of the camera’s shutter as it takes a photos. Most camera’s have a limited life rated by the manufacturer for the shutter, however majority of us will change cameras, upgrade etc before reaching this limit.

The tricky thing with FUJIFILM cameras is that many don’t show the Shutter count in any of the Menus. My X100v does have a menu but none of my X-Tx cameras did, nor did the X-Pro3 that I tried. The Shutter count is actually embedded in the JPEG that the camera will produce. You won’t find it in the RAW/RAF file if you don’t shoot JPEG.

FUJIFILM Shutter Count

To find out the shutter count the process is quite easy. Follow these easy steps:

  • Take a photo in JPEG on the camera.
  • Download the JPEG to your computer, smartphone or tablet.
  • Navigate to this website and locate the Shutter Count Finder page.
  • Upload your JPEG and the site will analyse the metadata embedded with (also known as EXIF) and display the shutter count

Check out my video below where I demonstrate some of the cameras I’ve owned, and I have owned a few – X-T1, X-T2, X-T3, X-T4 and X100v. Also tested X-Pro3 on loan from FUJIFILM Australia.

Strange RESULT

 In the event you get a strange result which doesn’t make sense simply check that your camera is on the latest firmware available. If not then upgrade it to the latest version and try again. 

Most cases this fixes the problem and you will get the correct count.

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