Capture One

Capture One (C1) is a very powerful and creative software used by photographers to store, organise and develop their photographs. It offers tons of precision editing tools to develop your photographs and correct any flaws. It also has a very customisable User Interface which means you can really make it your own and layout the tools you want to use on a regular basis while removing tools that you won’t use.

It is available in many flavours:

  • Capture One Express – a free version that is great for hobbyists and enthusiasts who want to learn and grow their editing skills. You can easily upgrade to Pro version when you are ready.
  • Capture One Pro – comes in many flavours based on the brand of your camera or you can also get all inclusive version. It has a lot more features and functionality than the Express version and in comparison is more powerful and fast than Adobe Lightroom Classic CC.

Although initially I did not like using it at all, however after multiple attempts to understand how it is designed and how it functions, I learned to love it to a point where 90% of the editing I do is done in C1.

I have been using Capture One Pro for Fujifilm for over a year and I went with the Subscription option while you can also purchase a perpetual license if you don’t like subscription.

Download: Capture One ExpressCapture One Pro for FujifilmCapture One Pro

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Classic Negative using Capture One on X-T3

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Capture One Tips for ex-LR Users

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